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Roof Painting For Metal & Tile Roofs.

Imagine going outside to grab the paper with your morning coffee and taking a look around the neighbourhood. You notice that the Joneses home is looking a little different. And you can't your finger on it. Then you realise, they've had their roof painted! You've both got your homes for sale, but now theirs looks a little better. What will you do?

The easiest and best thing to do is call Extra Mile Roof Restorations for a quote for Gold Coast roof painting. Taking the time to put together a well priced quote using our quality 3 and 4 coat roof painting systems.

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What's Roof Painting Gold Coast All About?

Roof painting while simple, is very best left to professionals. Why? We know you can pop down to the local hardware store and buy a bucket of roof paint and get cracking. But using a qualified Gold Coast roof painter for the work is so important for three reasons:

They know how to prepare the roof for painting.

Our qualified roof painters know all the tricks to properly preparing a roof to be painted. You wouldn't lay the foundation to your own home if you weren't sure about the soil. It's the same with roof painting. Our team at Extra Mile Roof Restorations thoroughly prep the roof by cleaning it correctly and addressing any roof repairs needs that your roof has.

Roof Painters are insured and trained to be on a roof.

This is a big one. What would happen to you and your family if you fell off a roof while painting? Do you have the right insurance to deal with that? Or what about the training? These are things to take into consideration. Our team are fully insured and have over 25 years of experience with roof restoration. We have working at heights training, fall arrest and fall restraint systems to do the job safely and easily.

We can do the job cheaper than DIY

Go down to Bunnings and look at the cost of a 10L drum of roof paint. It's about $250! For that same amount of money, we can purchase 40L of roof paint! And those savings get passed onto you. Also take into consideration your own time. For a regular DIYer a roof painting job can take up to 100 hours. If you earn $30 an hour, that's $3,000. Plus materials costs of about $2,000 plus hire of equipment and you're WAY behind a professional job. 



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