Roof Restoration Gold Coast

Get more for your money with Extra Mile Roof Restorations.
A New Beautiful Roof By Going The Extra Mile.

There's nothing better than getting bang for your buck. Whatever you want to call it, that feeling of value is something that we want you to have when working with Extra Mile Roof Restorations. 

Our roof restoration service is a comprehensive roof safety and beauty regime that will make your home look like a diamond in your street. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses! Whenever we restore a roof, we take the following steps to make sure you have a beautiful and most importantly, protected roof:

Steps For Roof Restoration:

Step 1: Roof Inspection


Karl, our principle will perform a thorough inspection of your roof, going every inch of the roof to ensure that any needed repairs are taken into account. You really don't to just paint over a leaky roof!

Step 2: Roof Cleaning


The first actual work to be done on the roof is to clean the roof of mould and mildew using a 4000PSI water blaster. This leaves the roof fresh and clean ready to be painted.

Step 3: Roof Repairs


Next, we'll go over the roof and perform any repairs that are needed. This would include sourcing and replacing broken tiles, repairing and repointing the ridge capping and even replacing rotten roof timbers.

Step 4: Roof Restoration (Painting)


These are the main coatings we will apply:

  1. Apply 1 x coat of Roof Protect High Build CT Primer

  2. Apply 2 x coats of Roof Protect Roof Membrane

  3. Apply 1 x optional coat of Roof Protect Clear Glaze

Step 3: Clean Up & Sign-Off


The last thing we do is to clean up the site and perform a walk around with you as the owner to make sure you're nothing but super happy with the work we've before.




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